Air Conditioning Repair in Southern Pines, NC.

Air Conditioning repairs always seem to be needed at the worst time. When you need help and harbor from the North Carolina summer heat Carolina Air, Inc. Heating & Cooling is there to service your needs. If your Air Conditioning Unit is not being serviced regularly, you’re losing money. Air Conditioning Service ensures that your home Air Conditioning Unit keeps your house cool. An Air Conditioning Unit that is running at its best will break down less often and have a longer life span.

Don’t swelter though a Carolina summer just because you’re Air Conditioning Unit is in need of service. The professionals at Carolina Air, Inc. Heating and Cooling want to get you’re Air Conditioning Unit back into working shape. With a 90-day guarantee on all repairs Carolina Air, Inc. Heating and Cooling will fix your Air Conditioning Unit in a timely and professional manner.

Carolina Air, Inc. Heating & Cooling has become the leading Air Conditioning Repair professionals for the Southern Pines, NC area. For more information, please call their Southern Pines office: 910-400-4724. We are available 24/7!

Germicidal UVC Lights

Germicidal UVC Lights disinfect the air by reducing or eliminating airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and organic material.  Click To Learn More!