Heating Repair in Southern Pines, NC.

It is not only the most cost-effective when you’re Home Heating unit is running at its best. You also benefit from a Heat Pump service that will keep you more comfortable. When you have Heat Pump Problems you’re system can break down more often, have a shorter life span, and can be a potential for dangerous hazard.

HVAC Maintenance does not need to be complicated. The professionals at Carolina Air, Inc. Heating & Cooling will fix your system. They will diagnose your Home Heating and determine what will be the best solution to your problem. If the problem is more than just a tune-up or repair, Carolina Air, Inc. Heating & Cooling is professionally trained in installing new systems.

Carolina Air, Inc. Heating & Cooling has become the leading Heating Repair professionals for the Southern Pines, NC area. For more information, please call their Southern Pines office: 910-400-4724. We are available 24/7!

Germicidal UVC Lights

Germicidal UVC Lights disinfect the air by reducing or eliminating airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and organic material.  Click To Learn More!