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We created the Carolina Air USA Club Member for three primary reasons; to give our customers the very best in home comfort for all seasons, save our customers on air quality costs, and most of all, customer satisfaction. Carolina Air, Inc. Heating & Cooling is most concerned with our customer's 'peace of mind', in that, each and every customer is provided with a clean and comfortable living environment.

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Receive a FREE 32 Point Tune Up Service!

  • Bi-Annual Check-ups per year
  • 20% Discount On All Service Parts
  • 20% Discount On All Service Labor
  • Free Diagnostic Fee
  • 20% Discount on all Indoor Air Quality Products or Services
  • $500 to $2500 Savings on New Equipment Installations
  • 24 Hour Service for all members
  • Priority Scheduling

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Germicidal UVC Lights

Germicidal UVC Lights disinfect the air by reducing or eliminating airborne pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and organic material.  Click To Learn More!